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Exhibit "Man Ray, view of spirit" - Agen 17/03 to 18/04/2014   Date: Tuesday 25 February, 2014
News Summary:
Man Ray "View of spirit"
from 17 march to 18 april 2014
Centre Universitaire d'Agen

News Content:
The Man Ray exhibition "View of spirit" is a retrospective look at the creative process used by the artist to link his own vision to the purpose of its creation by the use of multiple technical means. The exhibition presents 40 photographs, aesthetic and conceptual universe of Man Ray.
Including the main mythical photographs of the artist, the entire exhibition is composed of new prints - silver prints made ​​from original or internegatives from the archives of the Man Ray Trust and managed by Telimage and Pierre-Yves Butzbach since 1995.
Man Ray prominently in the history of twentieth century art. Dadaist and Surrealist this is one of the first to use the photograph, not simply as a means to reproduce, but as a true media art in itself. It is also a painter, drawer, filmmaker, creator of objects.

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Exhibit "Man Ray, view of spirit" - Agen 17/03 to 18/04/2014

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